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South Africa's First Wedding Job Portal.

Join South Africa's First Wedding Job Portal as we bridge the gap between wedding service providers and engaged couples.

We Find Potential Clients for You!

We do our best to find engaged couples who are looking to get married, and more importantly - looking to get married in your service area!

Pro-Active Client Outreach Marketing.

Our platform is a two-way communication system. Vendors can now be pro-active in finding potential clients who plan on getting married.

Great Functionality on our Platform.

We offer great functionality such as Messaging, Alerts, Bookmarking and of course our Service Listing platform. We are a one-stop wedding platform.

Competitive Pricing.

We offer the best price. Diversify your marketing strategy and make the most of your budget today!

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+27 76 3126 120
121 4th Avenue, 2020 New York, N.Y.

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